Roller Shades

Product Overview

Roller shades are traditional window coverings that offer countless decorative fabrics, styles, and options to suit a variety of needs. They provide elegant window treatments for a home, to heavy duty shades for offices, restaurants, or any other business. A large variety of fabric selections, control options, and fascias make it possible to create the perfect shade.


Our Offering

  • light filtering & room darkening fabrics
  • screens, solids, & decorative fabrics
  • multiple operating systems including motorization
  • valance and fascia options
  • specialty options
  • bottom rail and hem bar options

Product Details


Standard Spring Assist with Spring Only
All standard roller shades are operated by a continuous chain loop. This cordless shade is designed for mid-weight shades and offers moderate drag reduction. This system is ideal for residential applications and are available on shades above 24″ wide.
Spring Assist with Clutch Spring Assist with Pin End
Designed for larger shades, this specialized clutch and spring system reduces the drag in lifting heavier shades. Designed for residential applications, this specialized clutch and spring system reduces the drag in lifting heavier shades.
Multiple Shades Dual Shade
Our Multi-Shade “Link System” allows multiple shades to be operated with one clutch.  By eliminating multiple clutches, our system reduces light gaps on this application. This specialty roller shade system allows the installation of two shades using a side bracket.  This permits the use of both a sunscreen shade and a room darkening shade in the same window.
Motorization Commercial Application
Motorization is ideal for residential applications, for easier operation of heavier shades, and works well for most commercial applications or hard to reach windows. Our commercial geared clutch allows heavier shades to be easily lifted.
Standard Roll  Reverse Roll
Shade material rolls back against the glass. Shade material rolls forward away from glass.
Panel Track Safety Tension Devices – Beaded Chain
Separate fabric panels glide effortlessly along a track to easily cover sliding glass doors and other large windows. To reduce the risk of strangulation to children, systems using bead chain loops are manufactured with a bead chain tension device according to ANSI Standard Section 6.5.2.



  • Curved Aluminum Fascia A contoured face providing a softer appearance. Conceals the roller from view and snaps easily into the brackets.  Colors Available:  White, Ivory, Black, Bronze;  Size Available:  3″ and 4″.
  • Fabric Wrapped Aluminum Fascia The curved Aluminum Fascia is also offered “Wrapped” in the same fabric used on the shade.  This unique look creates a softer feel, eliminating most of the exposed metal surfaces.
  • Square Aluminum Fascia  Available in 3″ and 4″ profiles.  Simple and basic option.  Both fascias snap into the mounting brackets for efficient installation.  Colors Available:  White, Ivory, Black, Bronze;  Size Available:  3″ and 4″.
  • Insert Aluminum Fascia (Cassette)  Shade is pre-mounted in the fascia making it an easy one step installation.  A matching fabric insert is included to create a finished look.  Small fascia applicable for all clutches and tubes.  Colors Available:  White, Ivory, Black, Bronze;  Size Available:  3″ and 4″.
  • Valance with Matching Fabric Insert  This dust cover valance has PVC valance body with a matching fabric insert for a high end look at an economical price.



  • Hem Bar – Standard Option.  An aluminum bar is heat seamed into fabric, creating a uniform look.


  • Round Tube – An aluminum bottom rail attached to the bottom of the fabric for a modern, sleek style.  The bottom rail color is color matched to the fascia selection.


  • Round Tube with Fabric Wrap – The round tube with wrapped shade fabric creates a modern feel, without the exposed metal.  End caps are visible and color coordinated to the fabric/fascia.


  • Deco Insert – A decorative aluminum bottom rail, color matched to the fascia, with a 1/2″ matching fabric insert to complete the look.



For total light control, our fabric collection consists of various fabric styles and trends ranging from simple solids to elegant decorative fabrics. Fabrics include screen fabrics, light filtering solids and linen look, room darkening and blackout options. Various opacity and color options are sure to fit your décor needs.
  • Transparency (5-10%) – A shade that allows light to enter the room, creating a well-lit atmosphere.
  • Translucency (1%-3%) – For more privacy, this shade will block any view to the outside while gently dimming the light that enters the room.
  • Blackout(%0) – This option is ideal for bedrooms and media rooms where light needs to be blocked for total privacy.



Roller shades are classic window coverings with countless decorative options offered in various opacity levels to suit your decorative needs. We offer the latest trends as well as timeless classics, including innovative screens and soft fabrics. Many fabrics feature a neutral backing to the outside and several have passed flame retardant testing.  Due to variations in fabric and dye lots, colors may vary. It is recommended that all shades for the same room be ordered at the same time to help ensure color consistency.

Choices Available:  Decorative, Solids, Screens, and Room Darkening